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Learning from Our Past to Change Today

Activities for Learning from the

Louisiana’s Heroic 1811 Slave Revolt


A. Who were the indigenous peoples before the French conquered this land?

B. What were the two social classes that the French would install on this land – the Louisiana territory?

C. What were the governing bodies in the city of New Orleans?

D. What was the Code Noir? What did the Code Noir regulate?

1. What was the only religion allowed by law? Why do you think this was?

2. Violations of the Code Noir would lead to what punishments?


E. What parishes were the main theater of the 1811 Slave Revolt?

F. What were the social classes in Louisiana parishes in 1811?

1. Slaveholder
2. Enslaved
3. Free People of Color


G. Who is credited with claiming the territory – Louisiana?

H. How did Louisiana territory get its name?


I. Who was Governor William C. C. Claiborne?


J. Who was Colonel Manuel Andry?


K. What great event influenced the revolt of 1811?


L. Who was Charles Deslonde?


M. What was the Louisiana Purchase? Orleans Territory?


N. What was the capital of the Orleans Territory?


O. What were the social conditions for the enslaved?


P. What was the process called ‘seasoning the enslaved’


Q. In what ways, did the enslave rebel or resist?


R. What was the aim of the 1811 Slave revolt?

S. What was the strategy to win the revolt?

Answer these questions:

1. What steps were taken to start the revolt?
2. Who were elected to the leadership level of the revolt?
3. What happened at the Meuillon plantation?
4. What happened at Jacques Fortier plantation?
5. What happened at the Bernard Bernoudy massacre?
6. What happened to those freedom fighters who were captured?

7. What were the qualities of these freedom fighters?
8. What were the accomplishments of the 1811 Slave Revolt?
9. Who would eventually defeat chattel slavery?

10.What was the Corps d’ Afrique?

Define the following:

  1. Social Class

  2. Slaveholder

  3. Enslave

  4. Chattel Slave

  5. Exploitation

  6. Free People of Color

  7. Creole

  8. Placage

  9. White Supremacy

  10. Runaway

  11. Maroon

  12. Revolutionary

  13. Fleur de lis

T. Why is the Catholic Church called the ‘Mercedes-Benz’ of the chattel slave trade?


U. Had the rebels won in 1811, what would have been the steps taken to rule or govern

the new society? Would this include a new legal framework or constitution?

V. On what basis would a new society be built? What would this new society look like?

 Hidden History LLC, A research, publishing, touring company; Educators’ Resources – Lesson Plan for Louisiana’s Heroic 1811 Slave Revolt © at Leon A. Waters, Manager – 504- 432-9901 (January, 2016)
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